Hello,I am Akinator.
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A while ago, Arnaud and his friend Jeff had decided to go on a trip into the far away lands of the East. During an expedition on dromedary's back they noticed on top of a small sand dune an object glittering under the sun . This aroused their curiosity, so they dismounted right away. They were extremely surprised to uncover an old oil lamp! It must have been buried under there for many years until it was brought to the open by the desert winds.

At that moment, dense smoke poured out of it and formed a small opaque cloud. It vanished little by little. Astonished, they saw a creature appear before them. It had the aspect of a man and looked quite friendly.

Hello, I am the renowned Akinator. I speak and understand all the languages of this world. You woke me up from a centuries-long sleep. However, this long rest did not affect my prodigious skills. I am capable of guessing who you are thinking about with a few questions. If I cannot, if you beat me, then I shall leave you alone. But be careful! Answer my questions accurately or... or you will take my place in the lamp.

The two travellers tried to slip away by taking advantage of his exhilaration. Yet there was no use trying; the genie was still floating in the air behind them, as free as the wind and asking relentlessly to play with them. Jeff picked up the lamp. They went back to the dromedaries and Jeff, puzzled, asked his friend

Nothing happened after their first try.

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